About The Parish Council

What do we do?

  • Whiston Signpost
  • The ethos of Whiston Parish Council, is to foster community well being, to support the upkeep and attraction of the village and its facilities through committed effort, open dialogue and sound balanced reasoning.

    The Parish Council mission is to help to provide a clean, pleasant environment in which the Parishioners of Whiston are proud to be part of and live, want to uphold and also to 'show off' to visitors from near and far.

    The Parish Council is funded by receiving a small amount of the local 'Council Tax'. This is referred to as a the Parish Precept and with this monies the Parish Council seeks to maintain the assets of the village such as the Parish Hall, Cowrakes field and playground, the Manorial Barn, the flower borders and grass verges around the village, land owned by the Parish Council and many other facets of village life.

    The Parish Council also helps by providing support to community initiatives, events and groups, such as Whiston Festival of Brass, a popular event held annually in July, Whiston Festival of Lights, the annual 'switching on' of the Christmas lights in the village which is now accompanied by a Christmas Market and attractive Santa's Grotto.

Where we meet

  • Whiston Parish Hall
  • The Parish Council meets within the Council Chamber, this being part of the Parish Hall, located on Well Lane, Whiston, S60 4HX. The Council sits once a month, generally on the third Monday thereof. At the monthly Council sitting, the Parish Councilors are joined by the Ward Councilors of the Sitwell ward of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council. A meeting of the Council starts at 18.30 and is commonly subdivided into two parts, these being for the discussion of general and confidential matters.

    General matters are matters relating to everyday village life, such as the discussion of planning applications in the village, police reports, and upcoming village events. Parishioners are most welcome to attend this part of a Council meeting, where they are allowed to listen and consider the course of the meeting, yet are prohibited from asking direct questions of Council discussions. However, at the start of a Council meeting, time is set-aside for the Council to accept and discuss, direct questions from Parishioners and the general public.

    Confidential matters are general business matters of the Parish Council such Parish Council employee conditions etc. Ward Councilors, Parishioners and the persons of the general public are not allowed to be present in the Council Chamber during this period of a council meeting.

Meet the Councillors

A brief introduction to our current councillors

  • Dr Robert Brown
  • Dr Robert Brown - Chair


        Robert (Rob), has been a member of the Parish Council since 2012 and in March 2015 became the Chair of the Council. Robert is keen to raise the profile of the Council and its perception yet particularly, its work and activities in support and development of the community. Robert encourages his approach at all times to those person who would like to become involved in Parish Council work, or simply involvement to the benefit of the community of Whiston.

        By vocation, Robert is a Chartered Electrical Engineer, and works as a consultant engineer for legal professions such as solicitors, barristers, and Courts, where help is required in litigation cases where understanding of electrical circumstance are required.

        For enjoyment, Robert spends his spare time playing and being amongst Brass Bands and their furtherance. Robert can often be seen ‘hiding’ behind a tuba instrument at the annual Whiston Festival of Brass, for which he was one of the original masterminds. Robert continues to help organise the Festival along with other Brass Band orientated and community events.

  • Michael Yarlett
  • Michael Yarlett - Vice Chair


    Michael (Mike) is a member of the Parish Council and current vice-chairman.

    Michael is retired but ran Yorkshire Windows for many years




  • Angela Harrison
  • Angela Harrison - Parish Clerk


    Angela has been the Clerk since April 2015. She is a solicitor who has over 5 years experience as a Clerk to a number of councils across the district. She lives in Firbeck and works part-time for the Council. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and is a fan of Formula 1 racing.


  • Genaya Smales
  • Genaya Smales - Councillor


    Genaya (Gen) has been a member of the Parish Council since 2015…

    By vocation, Genaya is a teacher and also helps run the local Guides Group

  • Dennis Dodson
  • Dennis Dodson - Councillor


    Denis is a long standing member of the Parish Council and was re-elected in 2015

    Denis is retired.

  • Rex Carter
  • Rex Carter - Councillor


    Rex Carter is a councillor who recently was co-opted onto the Parish Council in July 2017